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Tier 1 Basic Resole

photo_2021-05-12_12-28-36 - Elwin Lim.png

$70 for a pair of new soles

No-edge shoes can be resoled in the following options:

1. Edged resole $70

2. No-edge resole $90 (trace-over template)

(No-edge resole requiring tier 2/3/4 repair will cost $100/110/115 respectively)

Tier 2 Resole + Toe Rand Repair

CCD16C6D-30D2-4B2C-B5D3-4F44EBC74288 - joosheng chan.jpeg

$80 for a pair of new sole and toe rand!

The toe rand is the thinner strip of rubber that covers the top of your toes. Sometimes the rand might look intact but it might be wearing thin. When the rand is too thin, we will automatically carry out a rand repair to ensure that the new sole can be glued on proper.

Tier 3/4 Resole + Rand Repair + Leather Repair

photo_2021-09-05_23-24-34 - Dylan Long.jpg

Tier 3: $90 for shoes with

damaged leather layer.


Stitching of less than ~4cm required. Only applicable if there is a slit/cut/minor hole in the leather layer

Tier 4 : $95 for a shoes with severely damaged leather layer.


Stitching of more than 4cm or partial patching required. Application if there is a major hole on the leather portion with a diameter of more than 0.8cm (thus require patching)


WhatsApp Image 2024-03-31 at 23.30.06_458ad8d7.jpg

- Expand/reduce shoe length/size through toebox reshape:

$10-20* on top of resole cost.

(Cannot be done without resole)

- Expand/reduce heel cup width and depth through heelbox reshape:

$40* on top of resole cost.

(additional $15 if done without resole)


- Toe patch addon/enhancement:

$10-40* on top of resole cost depending on level of enhancement.

(additional $15 if done without resole)

-Velcro system repair:

$15* for D-ring repair, $2*0 for strap repair.

(additional $15 if done without resole

-Added velcro to slip-on models:

$30* on top of resole cost.

(additional $15 if done without resole)

*Price subjected to changes for certain brand/model of shoe.

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