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How to resole?

To have your shoes resoled, all you have to do is to fill up our online form and drop off your shoes at our respective gyms.

It is as easy as that!!


When your shoes are ready, we'll drop you a message regarding the collection procedure. Payment will only be required upon collection.

Steps To Resole


Step 1: Determine Repair type

Assess the damage done to your shoes. This would give you a rough gauge on the type of repair work your shoe would need. 

If you are unsure, click here 

Step 2: Drop Off

Once you have determined what your shoe needs, locate the nearest affiliated gym for your drop off.

Once you are at the Gym, locate StiknGrip's collection box and drop off your shoes. Remember to take a top-down photo of your shoes, this will be useful for the next step.

Kindly tie your shoes together using either the Velcro or the lace. You can bag the shoes up with your own plastic bag/zip-lock. Depositing your own shoe bag is ill-advised. 

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Step 3: Submit Form

Once you are done with the drop-off, all that's left is to complete the online submission form. Fill in the relevant fields and the process is done. You can then deposit your shoes.

*Do remember to save a copy of your response.

Step 4: Payment & Collection

You will be contacted via Watsapp once the resole process 60% completed. Once payment is made via Paynow transfer, your shoes will be posted back to you via registered postage. We will update you with the tracking details when your shoes have been posted.

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