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We are StikN'Grip

Climbers by day, artisans by night

Girl with Yellow Sweater


Khairi Kharim

Open climber. Ex B+ employee and route setter. Current pirate king. Self-proclaimed Patagonia ambassador. PUBG scrub.


See Toh Edward

Soon-to-be Open Climber. The GOATOG

Smiling Young Girl
Man with Purple Shirt


Bernice .W

Best Belayer 2019 - StikN'Grip Sponsored
AAA Roomie



Soon to be climber x vlogger & Youtube star. Joker by day, joker by night.

Man with Curls

About Us

Established in 2018, Stik N' Grip was founded by two passionate climbers with one goal in mind - to breathe life back into well-worn climbing shoes. We’re a team of dedicated climbers with a genuine interest to make climbing shoes more affordable and sustainable.

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